Ndiko Giddie is a Clinical Dietitian and Employee Wellbeing practitioner with over 18 years experience. She received a BSc. Dietetics & Nutrition from Andrews University in Michigan, U.S.A.
Ndiko joined the Ministry of Health and Wellness upon her return in 2000 as a Clinical Dietitian at Nyangabgwe Hospital, Sekgoma Memorial Hospital and Princess Marina Hospital. In 2004 she joined the Debswana Health services based at Orapa mine where she served as the first Clinical Dietitian in the Debswana Group as well as the Employee Wellness Practitioner. Her unique role at Orapa Mine focused on the Lifestyle Modification Programme. She then joined Novo Nordisk, a diabetes care pharmaceutical company where she received extensive training in diabetes care and management and served as the Country Manager (sales and marketing).
In 2011 she set up her private practice based at the Gaborone Private Hospital which focused on child nutrition and non-communicable diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. Her practice continued to provide Nutritional Wellness Support Services to organizations; chief among them being Debswana and the Diamond Trading Company Botswana.
Ndiko joined First National Bank Botswana (FNBB) as the Employee Wellbeing Specialist in 2014. She supports the FNBB strategy by investing in human capital, placing employee wellbeing at the heart of the organisation by industriously creating an exceptional, high performing workplace where employees feel trusted and valued. Ndiko excels at helping FNBB employees thrive and has successfully designed programmes that support improved productivity. Ndiko has zealously spearheaded positive change within the FNB employee wellbeing programme such as ensuring access to counselling and emotional support for employees. At the core of her most recent accomplishments are initiatives that support working mothers, the inclusion of surrogate mothers, adoptive parents and more favourable maternity leave policies. In her current role, she has developed an aptitude for transforming workplace cultures and leadership. She is passionate about analyzing wellbeing matters and developing programmes that address key employee wellbeing issues while supporting the strategy of the organization.